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Connect to Social Media Accounts

Only connect once, all of your posts automatically synced to your dashboard

Real-time Order Capturing

Capture orders from all types of posts, including live, photos, short videos, videos, and reels – all automatically in real time

Up to 50 orders /month

Product Inventory Management

Sell unlimited products with no inventory concerns, as we instantly tracks and manages your entire inventory

Business Analysis & Insights

Stay informed and gain deeper insights into your business with detailed sales and business data every day

Dedicated Group with Success Consultants

Experience smooth journey with dedicated support from our expert team to help you overcome any issues

Centralized support team

Up to 2 consultants

Multi-user Team Role Access

Lower the risk of human error as your team grows by having role-based access for different team members

Up to 5 members*

*Upgrade your team size as you grow

Personalization & Customization

Plug and play with our additional add-ons to fit your business needs

• Microsite for showcasing your products

• Supporting bigger team size for role-access

  • Microsite for showcasing your products
  • Supporting bigger team size for role-access

Customer Growth Sharing Network

You are entitled to join our exclusive network of sellers to expand your customer base and grow your business together

Only available for 6-month and yearly subscription

Notification Channel

Instantly auto-notify all your customers when you go live

Only available for yearly subscription

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